Our Commitments

Ensuring our students commute safely and timely.

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Need a safe and efficient bus service for your child from home to school?


With more than 30 private buses, ChildcareBus provides high quality and reliable school transportation management​ services.

Safety As Top Most Important

We go through stringent safety checks on our drivers to ensure that they do not have any past criminal or bad driving record.


We group students staying in the same area together to decrease traveling cost and traveling time.

Minimal Travelling Time

Our bus service uses advanced route optimisation technology to decrease the travelling time of our students.

Why ChildcareBus?

ChildcareBus provides you with an affordable and convenient transportation service to send your child to school.

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Our service at a glance


Package 1

One-Way/Monthly (with 7% GST)

  • Up to 3.0km SGD 330
  • 3.1km to 6.0km SGD 600
  • 6.1km to 9.0km SGD 870
  • 9.1km to 12.0km SGD 1,140

Package 2

Two-Way/Monthly (with 7% GST)

  • Up to 3.0km SGD 520
  • 3.1km to 6.0km SGD 790
  • 6.1km to 9.0km SGD 1,060
  • 9.1km to 12.0km SGD 1,330